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About Us

Established in China in 2012, MAX INC started out in a small office for the purpose of purchasing and quality checking products for our retail outlet in the United Kingdom. From small beginnings we have grown and now operate from a 300sqm warehouse. We now supply our great products all over the globe.

It is no secret that China is the main manufacturer of motorcycle parts & accessories that the world consumes on a daily basis. This being said it can be really daunting for someone to take the first step and start doing business here.  MAX INC is here to help!

We specialise in supplying small to medium size shops and businesses around the world. Due to the huge volume of goods being  exported from china on a daily basis we can offer our customers excellent rates with DHL. This means you will receive your order fast and at an affordable price.

NO Middle man if you are with MAX


  • You can make small & regular orders which allows you to carry minimal amounts of stock.
  • Your landed cost of parts will be considerably lower than purchasing from your local wholesaler.


  • Product photos are actual stock photos and not photos "borrowed " from other sellers.
  • Our products are quality checked before being sent and you will receive exactly what is advertised.
  • We aim to have an 80% pick rate so most of the time what you order will be in stock and ready to send.
  • We are not one of the cheapest but we are one of the best.